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2023 Ultimate Code Book

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2020 Ultimate Code Book

Order Your 2020 Ultimate Code Book Today!

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2017 Ultimate Code Book

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"World's Greatest Electrician"
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Math Review Workbook

Math Review Book

This book will take you through the many categories of math questions of which an electrician is required to have knowledge of for the electrical exam.
Order your copy today!


A Dynamic Duo - Plug in the "Two-Fer"!

 The Qualified Electrician License Exam book and the Code Tables book

Qualified Book Code Tables Book

Order your copy of Tom Henry's books titled "The Qualified Electrician License Exam" and the Code Tables book today!


The Behavior of Electricity DVDs!

Purchase The Behavior of Electricity DVDs, two DVDs with over three hours of demonstrations of appliance overloads, cord and receptacle short circuits, the actual time it takes for a circuit breaker and fuse to open under the same conditions with an overload and short circuit, branch circuits being load tested with the circuit analyzer, over 35 demonstrations for only $98.00 (the original price is $119). Buy your copy of The Behavior of Electricity DVDs today!


tart To
day! Learn a Skilled Trade!

You can't outsource this job, but you can work anywhere in the world once you become an electrician. - Tom Henry

Start Your Career Today!

Twenty percent of all jobs in the United States require a baccalaureate degree or higher, eighty percent of our jobs do not. The majority of jobs in the United States require post secondary technical education. This story is not told by most high school guidance counselors as they seek to place as many people in colleges as possible.

Start your future today and study at home and enter into employment!
Learn To Be An Electrician. At the present over 2015 enrolled from all 50 states and 9 foreign countries as electricity is used throughout the world. You can't outsource electrical work!
 $95 will start you today!


Electrical Training by
Tom Henry

The Learn to be an Electrician Home Study Course

Tom Henry's Learn to be an Electrician or Better Electrician Training Course is a home study program designed to actually train a person to become an electrician, or to be a better electrician. It is a "learn at your own pace" program used by numerous vocational schools, colleges, universities, apprenticeship programs, and companies throughout the world. As of January 2021 we have 2,015 students enrolled with 394 graduates from 50 different states and from other countries, Turks, Caicos, Virgin Islands, England, Bermuda, West Indies, Africa, Guam, and Iraq.


Starting Your Electrical Training Program  
Start Your Electrical Training Workbook
        Item #904   Starting Your Electrical Training                                Instructor Guide (sold only as a                                   program)
        Item #906   Starting Your Electrical Training                                 Workbook


Start Your Electrical Training Instructor Guide


            Home Inspection Electrical Guide Program        

Home Inspection Guide

The Home Inspection Electrical Guide is sold as a program which includes one Home Inspection Electrical Guide book and two DVDs with a total of approximately 3 hours.


The Electricians
Reference Book

                           By Tom & Tim
The Electricians Reference Book

The Electricians Reference Book
is the best reference book an electrician could ever possibly have, as it was "written by an electrician for an electrician."


Tom Henry's 2017 Key Word Index
Handbook Edition

Now available a Key Word Index for the 2017 NEC Handbook! The NEC Handbook is a favorite in the electrical industry with photos and comments with 1,254 pages, 435 more pages than the softback or looseleaf editions, it makes it
more difficult trying to find the text with the keywording you are searching for. Now the Key Word Index for the NEC handbook will take you there quickly, locating over 3,000 keywords.


    HVAC Technician Electrical Program


In this volatile economy, a stable career is a difficult thing to find. HVAC technicians are always needed as we all use these systems in our everyday lives. Not only do things break and need repaired, but residential HVAC systems generally need replaced after 10 years and will require experienced and well-trained technicians to handle the replacements. Replacing systems due to concerns regarding their environmental impact has also become much more common in recent years and has increased the amount of work available to the well trained technician. Start your HVAC career today with Tom Henry's HVAC Technician Electrical Program!

Who Are We?



    Expand and enhance your current electrician training program with "Electricity in Motion" and "Short Subjects" DVD series. Every electrician needs to view these DVDS.
Tom Henry has used some of these clips in actual personal injury and death cases as he testifed as an electrical expert.
Many of these clips are from our "Learn to be an Electrician" program of which has over 1,969 students enrolled.
Give your students the best electrical education from the world leader in electrical education, Tom Henry's Code Electrical Classes Inc.

Check out our Back To School Combo now!


Installing A PV Solar System Per 
The Manufacturer's Instructions


Contains 322 photos from the PowerPoint slides used in class

A 14 DVD Program with Tom Henry, Tim Henry and Coy W. Jamerson, III. Why fill the entire roof with solar modules, learn how to install the PV Solar System correctly to the manufacturer's specifications to maintain the customers warranty. Find out more now!



Order your 2017 Ultimate Code Book today!



Conduit Bending Program
Learn the bends that are made on the job!

The Conduit Bending Program includes a video or DVD, workbook and bending charts and will teach not only where to place the pencil mark on the conduit, but also the important elements such as: Which direction do you make bend, away from or towards the last fitting? This program is designed for bending conduit with a hand bender which is used up to 1 1/4" EMT.

You will learn how to make the correct bends when going towards an obstruction so there is no adjusting the conduit after the bend is made by cutting the conduit, adding couplings, nipples, etc.


Electrical Exam Licensing Preparation Series on DVD by Tom Henry

Journeyman Electrical Exam Licensing Preparation DVD Series based on the 2008 National Electrical Code. Can also be used with the 2011, 2014, and 2017 National Electrical Code.  Each presentation is approximately 75-90 minutes. Includes a total of 9 DVDs. Includes worksheets.

*These 9 dvds are also included in the Master Exam Series.

Journeyman Series DVD's
Master Electrical Exam Licensing Preparation DVD Series based on the 2008 National  Electrical Code. Can also be used with the 2011, 2014, and 2017 National Electrical Code. Each presentation is approximately 75-90 minutes. Includes the Journeyman Exam Series with an additional 3 DVDs. Total of 12 DVDs with worksheets. Study for the master electrical exam in the comfort of your own living room!

Master Series DVD's


Electrical Exam Licensing Preparation Seminars


2 day Saturday and Sunday Weekend Electrical Exam Licensing Seminars are available at two locations Alabama, and Florida. Our classes prepare the electrician for the Experior, Prometric, Gainesville Independent Testing Services,  I.C.C., ProV, Pearson Vue, AMP, P.S.I., Block & Associates, and National Assessment Institute. Check out our class schedule for a current list of locations and dates. Tom Henry's electrical exam preparation products and books, and a limited supply of Ultimate code books are available at these seminars.

Some states have made it mandatory for electricians to obtain continuing education units (CEU) to renew their licenses. These necessary CEU's can be obtained from attending our electrical exam licensing seminars.

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Learn To Be An Electrician

Home Study Program By Tom Henry



Now on DVD
Video Series

Journeyman & Master Electrical Exam Preparation Series on 9-12 videos or dvds. Approx. 75-90 min. Includes worksheets.

Conduit Bending

This complete program by Tom Henry shows you how to make the bends that are made on the job! Includes a DVD or video, workbook and pocket-size charts.

Best of Tom Henry

Five Volume Combo: 1,721 Code Questions, 165 quizzes or exams, 9 final exams, answers and Code references.

Ammunition Combo

This book set includes Tom Henry's Key Word Index, Code Tabs. Reminders Book & Formula Insert pages.

Exam Books & Combo's

Prepare for the difficult journeyman or master electrical exam with these workbooks.

Florida and USA Business Law Books

Great Gifts

Selected Previous Edition Tom Henry Books

BBQ/Smoker Plans
by Tom Henry
Build your very own BBQ/Smoker. Includes diagrams and photos