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Electrician Testimonials

Mr. Henry, 

I just wanted to thank you, Tim and Tim Jr. for an outstanding course, on how to be a better Electrician. I have learned a lot from this program along with hands-on training and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the Electrical field. Thank you for sharing the knowledge that you have with me and others, so that we can learn this high demanding trade. I appreciate the book that you sent with my certificate and I will be calling on you again when I'm ready to take the Journeyman's test or for any other electrical literature needs that I have.


James Thomaston

Thank you so much for all your great information. I have bought the audio CD's and the electrical exam calculations on DVD the master set. I passed my master exam here in Ohio yesterday with the help of Tom and Tim. I passed it with a 86%. I am only 26 years old. I studied Toms' information for several months including several of his books. The transformer book is a must have for the master test. I hope you keep up all the great work. Tom you talk about your hero "Tesla", I just want you to know Tom that you are my hero! Without your information and all of your great easy to understand books and Dvd's I would not have my masters license today.

Thanks again.

Baron Bates


I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for a great two days in the Birmingham, AL seminar. It was the best money I have spent in a very long time. I have contacted several of my friends to encourage them to take your class. I was surprised at how much of your instruction I had retained Monday evening when I started studying. Your suggestion to write everything down you put on the dry erase board was the key.

Thank you for your time.

Andy Dinkins


I just received my two newest books of yours. Electrical inspector and Hazardous locations. I now have over the years must have requested over a dozen books, starting before 1986. In '86 I attended a class in Owensboro that you Tom instructed. Just wanted to say YOUR books have helped me more than any other. Though I have studied many, yours helped me to understand the others. I am a KY master electrician, IBEW JW and JATC instructor. Along with a certified electrical inspector certificate. 

Thanks for your books.

R. Thurman

Tom and Tim, 

Thanks for all your info. I never knew learning would be so much fun again. I now thirst for more knowledge. I recently passed the master exam with your help. Keep up the great work. 

Thanks again,
Jon McCoy

Mr. Henry, 

I used your Master Exam Combo last year to study and passed the exam the first try. Your workbook was actually tougher than the exam. The test was easy, proper studying was the hard part. Tell your students not to study to take the exam, but prepare to pass it. Thank you for your help. 

Paul Skelton Jr. 

Hey Tim,

I took your code class in December in Birmingham and you helped me pass my masters exam with a 87% with a lot of studying with your white study book. Thank you.

Todd Skinner

I would like to say that I passed both my Master Electrical Exam and Business/Law Exam with a 90% the first time. I attended your 6 week seminar in June and thoroughly enjoyed the class. I feel the class and the videos and workbooks were the key to my success. As always I recommended your seminars and books to my co-workers. 

Once again, Thank You.
Greg Merrill 
St. Cloud, FL.

Mr. Henry, 

I would just like to say thank you for the valuable knowledge that you gave me. Also helping me expand my ability to retain the information. I've been in your classes twice, Kansas City, MO. and Orlando, FL. The day after the class ended in Orlando we had to drive two hours to take the Alabama Journeyman Test. It started late to make matters worse. My head was about to explode after completing the exam, I could barely remember my name. I passed my exam with a 90% thats only eight I missed. 2 out of 3 passed and one other person missed by one question. Now to get the masters (I'll be seeing you again for that one) and also to get my inspectors certification. Thanks again and keep up the good work. 

Brent Boothe
Montgomery, AL.

Mr. Henry;

    Thank you!

    Your Master Exam workbook gave me the practice tools and confidence to pass the Idaho Master Electrician test on the first attempt. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Thanks again,
Bruce Weaver
Idaho Master Electrician


I do not know if you have any contact with Mr. Henry, but I would like to extend my thanks to him for his fine work on his learning/teaching aides.

I am a medical doctor, specifically an anesthesiologist, I have 4 board certifications, I also have an MBA, have gone to law school as well, plus a BS in chemistry. In my career I have had many professors from many different subjects, but I must say Mr. Henry is one of the best, if not the best teacher/professor I have ever heard. 

He makes everything regarding the code as well as electricity extremely simple and, consequently, easy to understand.

I have always wanted to be an electrician since I was a little kid, so in 2004-2005, I enrolled in a technical school in Pittsburgh to become and electrician. For some reason, I was fascinated with series and parallel circuits. I graduated with an ASE in 2005. Now I am going to take my master electrician exam. Mr. Henry has helped me in my pursuit of a childhood dream. I thank him for that. 

In fact, some of the things I learned in electrical school and off of Mr. Henry actually helped me to pass my re-certification examination in anesthesia. There is a lot of electrical theory in anesthesia.

Anyways, if possible, could you pass this along to Mr. Henry my thanks.

Jerry Myers
Canonsburg, PA

    Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate the value of your key word index, reminders and formula pack. I took the VA state masters exam today, the keyword index was extremely useful. I was able to pass it on the first try. The administrator said it was very rare that anyone passed the test on the first try. The key word index was a real difference maker.

Thanks Again,
Steve Proffitt
Christiansburg, VA

Dear Mr. Henry,

    I want to thank you and all the code-electrical staff for their dedication to education. I used your videos in "93" and passed the journeyman test with an 83%. Recently I passed both the Master Electrical with an 86%, and the Business Law with a 90%, You and Tim are very good teachers. Thanks for sharing what you do so well.

Tom Montgomery
Zolfo Springs, Florida


    My name is Daniel Henderson. I took your prep course and bought several books. Within a month, I was able to pass the master electrician exam with a 85% score. I believe the theory and code calculation books are essential. Thank you for making my dream come true because I'm currently an owner of an electrical company named Henderson's Electric.

St. Louis, Missouri

Subject: Thank you                                                                                 

I just wanted to say thank you for all your support and the products you offer.  With much hard work and studying I have passed the Master Electrical Exam on the first try with an 84%.  I couldn't have done it without the Tom Henry Ultimate Codebook and the Code classes taught by Tim Henry.  Tim taught us how to think like a test taker which is key to passing this test.  He also taught me how and what to study to pass the exam.  I also used the videos and Master's Exam questions to practice and prepare.  The Ultimate Codebook is an essential tool that i use on the job and helped me complete the exam by quickly finding the answers.

Thanks Again,

Matt Moyer
Moyer Electric
Wakrusa, IN


I want to thank you for help in allowing me to pass my masters exam here in Wisconsin. I have been an electrician for over 20 years and had many classes over the years besides my initial schooling and never learned so much from any other source. Your DVD's and workbook and the Ultimate code book was a really great help. I want to thank you and tell you your products really work.
Thanks again,
Jon G. Hodkiewicz

Thanks again Tom for your great products.  All of us here with Pyramid Electrical Corporation appreciate it.  This year you've helped create another 15 licensed journeyman. 

Dear Mr. Henry,
    I received your course, "Learn to be an Electrician" a few days ago and I am really excited about going through the course.  I am enclosing the answer sheets to module E-1.  Just a little background for your notes, I have an Associate Degree in Electronics and have worked in residential remodeling and electric for 16 years.  I never needed to be licensed to do residential wiring in Hamilton County, Ohio.  But I want a license to learn what I don't know and to expand my options of work.  I have been self employed since 1989.  Thanks for what you are doing!
    Daniel Hibbard


Mr. Henry,                                                                                                                             

    I just wanted to take a moment and share some good news with you.  I passed the Master's Electricians test that I took for the City of Elkhart, IN on July 13th.  I was informed by the inspector that I received the highest score (87) on the test.  If it were not for your study program I would not have been able to pass the test on the first try let alone get the highest score.  In all, I calculated about 300 hours worth of preparation using all of the materials we purchased from you.  I was so well prepared that I could answer nearly all of the code questions directly from memory without having to look them up.  The sad thing is I could have easily gotten a 92 on the test if I had not talked myself out of the correct answer.  I knew in my heart that I had the correct answer, but I let my brain and hand erase the answer and change them.  NEVER AGAIN will I allow that to happen.  Again, thank you so much for being the person that you are.  I only hope to meet you in person one day.....

Mark Anderson

Tom and Tim Henry,                                                                                                              
My name is Tim Branson and I just want to say thank you for helping me pass my Master Electrical contractors license in St. Louis, Missouri.  I have been watching the Master DVD set and I believe that they were a big part in being able to pass the exam.  I have also taken two of Tim Henry's seminars and each time I test after the seminar I have passed!  I am the third generation of a local electrical contracting company, and I now hold all of our licenses and some that we have never had.  This didn't happen over night and I think I am done with the testing but will always use and recommend all of your books, DVD's, and seminars.  Thanks again for everything that you do for the electrical industry and for making this difficult exam easier to understand.
Tim Branson

Branson Electric



    Over a month ago, I attended the course in Columbia, SC.  Tim Henry was the instructor. Today I took the real exam and I passed.  I'm really glad I made myself take the next step.  I wanted to tell you that Tim Henry had a lot of influence on me. He really is a great teacher and motivator.  I couldn't have done it without his instruction on working the book and knowing what the questions were asking. Thank you.  Now I have to pass the Business-Law exam and I'll soon look to buy the DVD you offer for that, unless you want to send it for free.  No, seriously you are the leader in electrical education.
    Douglas Lee Williams, Greenwood, SC

    I'm taking a moment to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for contributing so much to our trade.  I would have real trouble trying to put in words how grateful I am to have access to the resources you make available to all electricians.  I hope you are doing well and some day, perhaps I'll have the honor of meeting you in person.
Kindest regards,
    Damian Clarke,
    President Vessel Electric Inc.  Bothell, WA

Mr. Henry,                                                                                                    

    I want to thank you for the outstanding education and effort you have put in over the years helping so many young (and older) people become licensed electricians, feel good about themselves, and making a living.  I personally took your material, taught 8 others at the same time while I was learning (was just one-step ahead of them), and we all passed the Experior examination on the first time.  It was your simplified training material ... and the wonderful KEY WORD INDEX you developed.  The index was absolutely necessary to take the speed test, but you have to know the material first.  Your training material accomplished that!!

    Mike Falkner, Kansas

Mr. Henry,                                                                                                    
     I wanted to express my thanks for your outstanding products.  My company recently asked me to take the Master Electrician test.  We ordered the DVD and book set along with the Ultimate code book.  I just wanted to let you know that I believe Tom Henry is one of the best instructors that I have encountered.  If all our high school and college instructors were more like Mr. Henry I believe our educational system would be a much better place to learn.  I am not an electrician by trade.  I work in our Controls Design group.  I have been inspired to take the "Learn to be an Electrician" program on my own.  I only wish I had heard about this program in high school.  I can't imagine where I would be today.  Thank you Mr. Henry, for your dedication to the profession and to educating people around the world.

    Mark Anderson
    Elkhart, Indiana


Just wanted to tell both Tom and Tim thanks so much for your time in sharing your instruction and knowledge of the National Electrical Code.

I just attended the class in Columbia, S.C.
Thanks again, Troy Easler


    I purchased your DVD's and books and attended your seminar in October  in preparation for my Journeyman's exam and would like to extend a "Thank You" for your products.  By studying the material and attending the seminar, I was able to score 92% on my exam.  The exam was for Osceola County, FL.  I look forward to attending your Master's seminar in a year in preparation for my ER license.     
    Thank you,
    Greg Merrill

Mr. Henry, I Passed The Masters Exam On The First Try and I was able to accomplish this feat with your materials.

People are precious, and if you don't know the Code, chances are someone will get hurt by an unlicensed jack of all trades.

I was ignorant to this fact until I finally decided to go after my license. I'm feeling like a responsible electrician now! It is my belief, that anyone who works in any trade that might cause a hazard to life or property - Should Be Licensed. The Cities or the Insurance companies should be aware and enforce this. Especially in factories, where anybody can be hired off the street and twist some wires together. I know, I was one of them in 1987. Finally, I worked under a very skilled electrician for many years and learned.

It took three months of constant studying, but when I found out I scored an 88% on the test I was in shock. When a person leaves that testing room they are sometimes not sure how they did. In my case I was confident in most of my answers, but you always wonder - Did I read the question correctly, did I mistakenly fill in the wrong dot, etc, etc. All these things pop in your mind when you get in your truck and head home! Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety ­Wow.

I have been in the trade for 23 years, mostly on the industrial side and was one of those guys that thought all I needed to know about the code was T.310-16 and appendix C. I have been an automation technician for about 10 years now, and had no clue about the code minimums, and the six steps to sizing motor branches and feeders. The only thing I was aware of was, Overload protection and Overcurrent protection. I went to school and got an automation degree a few years back, and learned all that electronics, plc, digital, and circuit analysis stuff.
But they did not teach the NEC!

These are the materials I purchased, some at our local book store, and some through your website, which by the way, is very well done. First I got Questions and Answers for the Masters Exam. Took every test in that book and realized I was not ready. Then I purchased a couple of the Calculations tapes. I believe, Transformers and Ampacities were the first two I bought. They were so helpful, I bought a couple more. When all was said and done, I had the whole set of twelve in my library. Each tape had something valuable on it that got me a step closer to getting my license. Then I bought The Ultimate Code Book. ­The key to the open book part of the exam. Anybody who wants to pass this exam the first time, BUY THIS CODE BOOK! Then I got Taking the exam with Tom Henry ­Very Helpful!

Still after taking the exam with Tom Henry, I needed some work on the residential and commercial calculations. I did not feel comfortable with this part yet. So I got Tom Henry's Calculations book. That was all it took. If I did not already have a lot of theory from college, I guarantee you, I would have bought many more books. But I am one individual that already had that knowledge. Most of my fellow brothers don't!
Your Staff was very helpful when I called about questions.

Thanks Again Tom Henry

Bruce Maag - Kansas City, KS.

Tom Henry and Staff,

I would like to take this time to thank you and your staff for helping me pass the Virginia State Master Electrical Test, which I passed with flying colors! I couldn't have done it without you, and passing the test will allow me to get my Virginia State Contractor License. If there is anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you again,

Bill Dovel

Mr. Henry,

First I want to say you have the best study books by far. I ordered your journeyman set and the Ultimate code book. I made a 90% the first time I took the test in Nassau County. I was wondering if you gave or knew of any classes that teach Fiber Optic Splicing and Terminating?

Any information you have would be appreciated.

Thanks again.

Robert Foster

Subject: I did it!

Dear Tom,

I am so excited! I took my Masters exam last Saturday in St Louis and passed! Got an 85.8%, which is higher than I thought I would get. The exam was tough, and I wasn't sure I had passed when I left. I spent every minute of the six hours going through the answers. I can easily understand why only 22% pass the first time. I'm proud to say that with your help, I'm one of them. I wouldn't have had a chance without you and your CEC team.

I spent four months this summer studying. This doesn't even count the hundreds of hours I spent prior to getting my testing date, with the blessing of the Belleville Electrical Commission in Illinois.

I've bought several of your great books, all of which were invaluable:

1996 NEC - ultimate (Outstanding!)
1999 NEC -
ultimate (Outstanding!)
Grounding Workbook
1996 Journeyman Exam Questions
1996 Masters Exam Questions
1999 Masters Exam Questions
(Couldn't have made it without these.)
Transformer Workbook
(I didn't have a clue.)
Motor Control Circuits
(I didn't have a clue on this either.)
Electrician's Dictionary
(I thought this would be a thin book. (WRONG!)
History of Electricity
(Very interesting!)
Ohm's Law Book and Video
(Outstanding, and easy to figure out with practice!)
Electron Theory
(Very helpful!)
How to Pass the Electrical Exam
(Great Calculations exam in there too!)
1996 Calculations Workbook
Closed Book Audio Tapes
(I listened to these tapes dozens of times, just like you said.)
Closed Book Cards
(Great! I even cut 3 by 5 index cards in half and wrote out all the closed book questions on them. My stack has about 900 cards in it.)
Conduit Bending Program
(I'm still sore!)
1998 CEC Seminar
(with Tim Henry)

Without your dedication and strong desire to teach us all you have, I wouldn't have scored 40%. I can't imagine how many thousands of hours of your time you have poured into your books and videos. You truly have a passion to make the world a safer place by teaching us the correct ways to do electrical work, and I sincerely thank you for it. I feel the same way about you and your CEC team as you do about Mr. Joe McPartland, your mentor.

As a result of your teachings, I am always very careful when doing electrical work, because I know I could kill someone if I leave a connection loose somewhere. It makes me shudder to think how many electricians out there don't know what they're doing. Although I'll soon have my Masters license, I certainly don't consider myself an expert, by any means, so I will proceed accordingly.


Jim Pickering
P.S. Since I didn't get 100% on my exam, I promise you that I will learn the other 15% so I won't hurt anyone from the questions I missed.

Just a note to say thanks for the instruction at the Birmingham Seminar. Your class was an excellent prep for the Alabama test. (scored 94).

Thanks again and take care,

Steve Salter
Choice Electric, Inc..

Subject: Your study-aids

Recently passed the Master Electrical Exam. Now, I understand that I must pass the Journeyman exam before I will receive my Master card? I am aware that I am going through the back door to try to get to the front porch, but thanks to the "Tom Henry" course through Spartanburg Tech, I passed the master test. The material that was purchased: Master Questions and Answers, Ohm's Law, Calculations for the Electrical exam, Key Word Index (great help), and highlighted and tabbed National electrical Code book, and can't remember the other (brain dead).

Question, What additional materials do you recommend for the Journeyman test?

Mr. Henry does a great job presenting the material.


Aaron Free

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for an excellent product.
The company I work for purchased your twelve Master series videos and I personally bought the Master combo #2 study-aids package. I believe these two sets of products were just the "ammunition" I needed to pass the Georgia Masters Exam the first time.

I can't thank you enough for such well designed, informative, and entertaining material. I highly recommend it to anyone I talk to who is considering taking the state electrical test.

again thank you,


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