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Conduit Bending Program
Learn the bends that are made on the job!

The Conduit Bending Program includes a DVD, workbook and bending charts and will teach not only where to place the pencil mark on the conduit, but also the important elements such as: Which direction do you make bend, away from or towards the last fitting? This program is designed for bending conduit with a hand bender which is used up to 1 1/4" EMT.

You will learn how to make the correct bends when going towards an obstruction so there is no adjusting the conduit after the bend is made by cutting the conduit, adding couplings, nipples, etc. Learn more about the Art of Conduit Bending.

Item #394 - Conduit Bending Program with DVD

Includes: DVD, workbook and bending charts.

By: Tom Henry

Price: $65.00

Our DVD-R's are compatible with the vast majority of DVD players made after 2001. If you have an older DVD player, or one that does not support the DVD-R format, it may not play this DVD. If you have a problem with a DVD, please contact Code Electrical Classes Inc. and we will happily replace the DVD with a VHS tape.


I find many books that show a mark on the conduit and you measure from that mark and make your first bend. What does the first mark represent? In our training program you will learn that the first mark is from the last coupling or box and we are calculating our bend from that point. We won't be cutting conduit to make it fit, wasting material and labor hours. We'll learn how to allow for the shrinkage amount and calculate it into our bend and bend it right the first time!

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