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by Tom Henry

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BBQ/Smoker Plans by Tom Henry

To get real barbecue, you have to return to the roots, by smoking food slow and low over smoldering wood. Only the rural regions of the South, Midwest, and Southwest maintained the memory of real barbecue. Today, most people learned charcoal grilling and began calling it barbecue simply because it was done outdoors.


Item #433 - BBQ/Smoker Plans by Tom Henry

  • Complete step by step plans for the do-it-yourselfer
  • Complete photographs showing step by step
  • Complete bill of materials list

Author: Tom Henry

Price: $25.00

The Smoker is practically error-proof. Anything to be cooked is cooked by the amount of heat that penetrates it. The right amount of heat applied for a certain length of time will always produce the same error-proof result.

This is the principle of cooking in the modern oven. It can't be duplicated with an open fire, which applies heat to only one side and in varying, unmeasurable amounts - there is no gauge of how the food is cooking. With the smoker the heat is enclosed so that it surrounds the food and cooks it uniformly from all sides - without wasting heat. There is no need to use a spit, a rack or such device as roasting can be done perfectly without these accessories due to the uniform reflection of heat from all sides. Flavor-saturated air moves through and around the food, sealing in the natural juices and flavor. Temperature is controlled by a vent opening in the fire box.

A special oven is built in the chimney so you can cook your potatoes and other vegetables while the meat is cooking.

Grilling is okay and faster, but it doesn't produce food with the full flavor of old-time real slow-smoked barbecue.

Being a construction electrician and around bricklayers on the job sites I became interested in laying brick as a hobby back in the early 1960's in Ohio.

Laying brick provides an immediate escape from the real world. It has the uncanny capability of transporting the subconscious mind back in the distant past. It provides enjoying the day without tension and having peace of mind while creating a lasting piece of beauty to your home.

For the homeowner, laying brick has unique advantages. Very few materials offer the beauty, utility, ease of maintenance and durability, and the techniques necessary to build with brick are few and fairly easy to master. Brick is permanent. It is highly resistant to natural deterioration. Your brick barbecue-smoker can last as long as the earth from which it is made.

Now you can build your own backyard brick barbecue grill-smoker combination.

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