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Code Electrical Classes Inc.

Tom Henry's Code Electrical Classes started in 1982 and has now prepared over 28,000 electricians for the electrical industry.

Tom Henry

The intent of Code Electrical Classes Inc. is not only to help an electrician prepare for an exam, but to also educate a person beyond passing an exam. Our objective has always been to motivate and instill into a person the desire to learn more about the electrical trade.

EDUCATION is the key as the world turns at the end of the wire and the world needs a person to install the wire correctly. Strapping on a tool belt to your side is equivalent to strapping on a gun.

You must be educated and licensed on how to use it as the end result can be fatal. CODE ELECTRICAL CLASSES INC. for the electrician, founded by an electrician. Anything less will cost you more!

Tom Henry has written over 90 books, produced 44 electrical videos (available on DVD), recorded 19 electrical audio tapes, designed the "Learn to be an Electrician" home study course, that will teach the student through his own personally designed modules and animated videos from point zero to an electrician that will not only know how but why! 

Code Electrical Classes Inc. Bookstore

About our Code Classes and Seminars

On the weekend we teach a 2 Day electrical exam licensing preparation seminar from 8 am to 4 pm in different states throughout the year. These classes help prepare the electrician for the Journeyman or Master electrical license. Courses cover Ohm's Law, voltage drop, wire sizing, box-conduit sizing, motor calculations, cooking equipment demand factors, service-feeder sizing, transformer calculations, neutral balancing & sizing, three-phase calculations, commercial service sizing, motor control exam questions, etc.

Continuing Education Unit

Continuing Education Units are awarded for the electrical exam licensing seminars. These units are used for documenting continuing qualifications for renewing licensure, or recertification requirements. 

Code Electrical Classes also offers personally instructed classes at your facility on electrical designing, etc. For more information on a seminar tailored to meet your special needs call 1-800-642-2633, ask for Tim Henry - Vice President.

Our Instructors:

CEC instructors are not only excellent in teaching, they are experts in the electrical field. You'll learn proven ways as they address your questions individually. We know what issues are important to the electrician as we listen to the daily feedback we receive from electricians taking exams throughout the United States. 



Tom Henry


Graduated from Bellefontaine High School, Bellefontaine, Ohio in 1956 with majors in mathematics, drafting, and vocational industrial shop.

I.B.E.W. Electrical Apprenticeship (1956-1960) Bellefontaine, Ohio consisting of special schooling with classroom studies of basic electricity, D.C. theory, electrical drafting, controls and trouble shooting classes.

Industrial electrician nine years, residential and commercial electrician three years.

Employed fourteen years for Walt Disney World. Two years in the Monorail management department. Ten years supervising skilled trades for the Planning department and two years as an electrical inspector for Epcot Center and Magic Kingdom.

Started teaching the National Electrical Code in 1979.

  • Over 64 years in the electrical field
  • State Certified Electrical Instructor
  • Certified Chief Electrical Inspector
  • Over 25 years of electrical instruction
  • Author of over 90 books, 44 videos and 19 audio tapes
  • President of Code Electrical Classes Inc.
  • President of Tom Henry's Electrical Training Program
  • Consulting Editor-The Informer Newsletter
  • Instructor of over 28,000 electricians
  • Expert Electrical Legal Consultant
  • Former Electrical Inspector-Walt Disney World
  • Member NFPA
  • Member IAEI

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Tim Henry

Graduated from Winter Park High School in Florida in 1979.
Started Electrical Apprentice in 1979
Licensed Journeyman electrician 1981
Licensed Master electrician 1982

Started with Code Electrical Classes Inc. in 1988 as Operations Manager
Started teaching for CEC Inc. in 1989.
Consulting Editor-The Informer Newsletter

  • Over 41 years in the electrical field
  • State Certified Electrical Instructor
  • Over 32 years of electrical instruction
  • Co-Author of the Electrical Designing Workbook
  • Vice-President of Code Electrical Classes Inc.
  • Vice-President of Tom Henry's Electrical Training Program
  • Instructor of electrical seminars and thousands of electricians
  • Expert Electrical Legal Consultant
  • Member NFPA

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