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The "Revised"Solar Photovoltaic Workbook by Tom Henry

The Solar Photovoltaic Workbook based on the 2023 NEC

    I have revised this book "The Solar Photovoltaic Workbook" as I have gained so much valuable knowledge since its first printing that I want to share with you.
    I'm writing this book as a customer, for the customer and so the prospective PV installer can win the bid by explaining the correct installation procedure per the manufacturer's instructions in order to maintain the warranty and harvest the maximum power from the system and the customer will not be among the over 50% that are having their PV system installed incorrectly voiding the warranty without the customer's knowledge of it.
    The problem today is too much material is being written that little or no maintenance is required after installing a PV system. After reading this workbook containing the Manufacturer Installation Instructions it should put an end to those fantasies.
    As I write, I have over 67 years in the electrical industry of which several years involved inspection and electrical expert testimony in personal injury and death cases.
    I learnt at an early age in the electrical trade that anything mechanical can fail. It requires maintenance and inspection to maintain quality and operation.
    MAINTENANCE - I had permanent anchorage installed on my roof for future connection of the safety harness for maintenance and service work. OSHA requires a safety harness when 6' above the ground when performing the key word is work.
    CLEANING - In order to harvest the maximum power, clean the module surface with water and a soft cloth or sponge to remove the scum and bird droppings that the rain won't wash away. Remove any leaves or weeds. Cleaning is recommended a minimum of twice a year.


    How do you clean the modules you can't reach? You must provide access space to each module and NOT fill the roof with modules.

    A space with a minimum of 16" is recommended between the arrays to be able to reach the defective module in the middle without removing several panels which would increase the labor cost to the customer of the service call.
•Ventilation space under the panels with standoffs of 6".


    When I ask how would you remove a defective module in the center of the roof without removing several modules to get to the defective one? The reply was,"Yep, you may have to remove multiple modules to get to the defective one, but the code doesn't care."

    It's time for the PV industry to return to craftsmanship skills when installing a PV system that may operate 40-50 years exposed to the inclement outdoor weather.
    The customer is investing a substantial amount of money in the PV system expecting a continued savings on their electric bill.
    The system must be installed correctly to produce the maximum possible energy. The system must be designed to the manufacturer's specifications which requires maintenance, cleaning and inspection periodically, which requires access space to the modules. These are requirements in the product warranty.

    Tips on how to pick a solar PV contractor, questions the home owner should ask.

    Most customers will acquire three or more bids from solar PV contractors. They may or may not know that it's noted that 50% of PV installations are installed correctly and 50% are not installed correctly. Never pick a company only on price.
    It's not a matter of how many solar PV systems one has installed, the question should be asked is how many have you installed per the manufacturer's specifications in order to maintain the warranty. A solar PV system is an investment for the long term. Prefer local companies that have been in business for a long time, a reputable company.
    The tightening of all mechanical and electrical connections throughout the entire PV system requires torquing to the manufacturer's listed specifications. This starts with the installation of the rail system and continues with the module T-bolts and midclamp bolts, ground connections, all wiring to terminal connections at the deck box, inverter, back-fed circuit breaker, load center connections, meter base connections, everything requires using torque tools set to the prescribed inch-pounds or foot-pounds.
    How many PV installers are following the manufacturer's listed specifications for installing the components? How many even have the required torque tools? Ask them!

    This "Revised" workbook written by Tom Henry will take you from start to finish in designing and calculating the equipment and wire sizes. This book also contains a 70 question installers exam with answers. Several states now require this exam. Start your future today and enter into employment THAT IS THE FUTURE!

Click here to see a sample of this book.

Author: Tom Henry

Item #810-23


Price $45.00

pecial Combo•••••

Get the Revised Solar PV Book along with the Solar PV flash cards to prepare for the PV Solar Exam. 52 Questions and Answers. A Great Way to memorize what you need to know!

Item #1326


Price $50.00

Item #1325 - Solar PV Flash Cards (only)


Price $10.00

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