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Starting Your Electrical Training Program  

Start Your Electrical Training Workbook
        Item #904   Starting Your Electrical Training                                 Instructor Guide (sold only as a                                   program)
         Item #906   Starting Your Electrical Training                                 Workbook

Start Your Electrical Training Instructor Guide

Tom Henry
      • Certified Chief Electrical Inspector Building Officials of Florida
      • Certified Chief Electrical Inspector Southern Building Code Congress
      • Former Electrical Inspector Walt Disney World - EPCOT
      • Registered Electrical Contractor State of Florida
      • Licensed Master Electrician
      • Member National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
      • Member International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI)
      • Owner of Code Electrical Classes Inc. Winter Park, FL.
      • Certified Vocational Instructor State of Florida
      • Instructor of over 22,000 Electricians
      • Author of Electrical Inspection Workbook
      • Author of over ninety Electrical books
      • Legal consultant 66 years experience in the Electrical Field
      • Electrical construction editor for the "Informer" newsletter
      • President of Tom Henry's "Learn to be an Electrician" program with over 2015 enrolled from all 50 states and several foreign countries

By Tom Henry                
    It's been said, "the greatest teacher in life is experience."
    After over 64 years in the electrical trade I decided to write a much needed book on starting electrical training off correctly.
    When I think back to 1956 and starting my electrical apprenticeship at age 17 and today, 64 years later, I would like to share my experiences with you and make your journey a lot easier by starting off correctly.
    I've been around the block a few times writing over 90 books, videos, audios, and teaching over 28,000 in the trade that came from all walks of the industry from the counter person at the supply house, the apprentice, the helper, the electrician, the contractor, the inspector, the instructor, the engineer, etc. I have worked as an electrical expert in personal injury and death cases and I'm writing this book from my experiences during my journey.

    This book and videos are for a person entering the electrical trade to start off correctly by learning the "behavior" of electricity before ever making an electrical connection. This program is to enhance your present training program.
    This program (book and videos) is NOT on wiring a house. It is about the 120 volt device circuits in a home and how they can start electrical fires.
    The main focus of the program will be on loose connections, short circuits, overloads, and voltage drop using a circuit analyzer performing a load test on the circuits.
    Before ever teaching a student to wire a house this book will explain where to start correctly.
    The videos will show electricity in action with the overloads and short circuits. The world turns at the end of a wire, but the wire must be installed correctly.
    The behavior of electricity not installed correctly has caused fires and death. The leading cause of electrical fires is high resistance heating from loose connections of the wiring. You'll see the arcs, flashes, explosions and fires on the videos.
    The book and videos will explain what happens when you don't make the correct connection in the electrical circuit.
    The student needs to understand what a circuit breaker can protect and what it doesn't protect.
    Ensuring electrical safety is not an option - it is one of the most important things you'll ever do. A key element in preventing electrical accidents is education.
    Some home fires have started from people smoking, children playing with matches, lightning, but recently a fire started in an elderly couple's older home at 2 P.M. in the afternoon. There was no children there to play with fire, the elderly couple did not smoke, it was a bright day with sunshine and no lightning in the area.
    Then how could a fire start? This program explains how you can stop an electrical fire before it starts.
    That's what this book is about! When you know better, you do better. This book was written so that early on in your electrical training, you will know better!

    It has been estimated that 90% of electrical failures occur at connections. How many of those connections would never have failed if properly tightened in the first place?

    Experienced investigators uniformly cite high-resistance connections as the most common electrical cause of fires. Loose connections, such as an untightened screw in a terminal, heat up and expand when energized.

    This program is designed to be implemented into your present program before a student connects a wire if possible.

The student must first learn that the National Electrical Code
and the manufacturer requires the connection to electrical
devices to be torqued to the required inch-pounds.
On the video you'll see the circuit analyzer in action and soon realize what a valuable tool it is in locating the loose
connections and preventing a fire before it starts. It will indicate the resistance of each wire and show the voltage drop. You'll see how one receptacle that had the wiring back-stabbed was corrected by wrapping the wire around the screw and by torquing the connections it reduced the voltage drop 1.8% by correcting the connections on ONE receptacle.

One must first understand there are requirements to protect the conductors and equipment and also protection required for people. The student must understand the difference in the words "overload" and "overcurrent."
The two DVDs have approximately 3 hours of demonstrations of appliance overloads, cord and receptacles short circuits, the actual time it takes for a circuit breaker and fuse to open under the same conditions with an overload and short circuit, branch circuits being load tested with the circuit analyzer, over 35 demonstrations, etc... A wealth of electrical education in this program with Tom and Tim Henry!

    There are 9 exams with 160 questions which you can divide up as you see fit based on the allowed class time. The book contains a course layout guide.
     The pages are perforated for removal before issuing the book to the student.
     This guide contains "quick reference answers" for grading papers quickly. It also contains an "answer section" which explains the answers in more detail citing the page number where it was found and showing the answer in text word for word.

   This program will be a starter to enhance your current training program. The students should first be shown the videos, approximate time 3 hours. Over 35 electrical demonstrations with Tom and Tim Henry.

For a brief sample go to:

ITEM #904  
    Starting Your Electrical Training Instructor Guide is sold only as a program which includes one Instructor Guide book, two DVDs (approximately 3 hours of video) and one ITEM #906 Starting Your Electrical Training Workbook        
                                            $159    addtocart.gif

    This program was designed to introduce the student to the behavior of electricity which one must first learn to understand how electricity can create enough heat to start a fire. 
•The first chapter is ELECTRICITY followed by chapters,
*ITEM #906  Starting Your Electrical Training Workbook (single copy)  $29addtocart.gif
11 - 49 copies       $23.20 each
 50 - 99 copies       $20.30 each
 100+ copies          $17.40 each

*This option is strictly for trade schools and instructors who have already purchased the program (Item #904) and need to purchase workbooks for their class. For each student you'll want to purchase a copy of the workbook. The workbook does not contain the answers and does not come with the DVDs that are needed to complete this workbook.  The answers will be found in your Instructor's Guide.                         

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