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Electrical Fundamentals "Residential" by Tom Henry

Based on the 2023 NEC

The Complete Circuit

    When the lights go out in the house, the first place you go is to see if    the circuit breaker tripped. But, what if it wasn't tripped but you have no  electricity at the panelboard?
    Now, it must be the utility company's outage. Maybe the wiring from the  transformer, or maybe the transformer?
  It could even be the High Voltage distribution lines, or even the  generator at the energy plant.
    Now, you are starting to see the "complete circuit."

    One must understand, the impulse of electricity is extremely fast. It is assumed that the speed of the electrical impulse is 186,000 miles per second, which is the speed of light.

    Education is the process of obtaining knowledge involving the    concepts, theory, history, and basic precepts that govern the subject    matter. Typically, this is a more formalized approach and involves    broader understanding of the overall field of endeavor.
        It is somewhat generic in nature and does not focus on individual    equipment or specific skills.


     The mathematics of high achievement can be stated in a simple formula. Begin with a dream. Divide the problems and conquer them one by one. Multiply the exciting possibilities in your mind. Subtract all negative thoughts to get started. Add enthusiasm. Your answer will be the attainment of your goal.
    8 Chapters with an exam on each chapter including a final exam with answers in detail.

        One must first learn the fudamentals of the correct wiring methods. Every class teaching electrical needs to start with this book before ever teaching the Code.

Click here to see a sample of this book.

Electrical Fundamentals "Residential"

Author: Tom Henry

Item #1324


Price $29.00

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