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How to Stop an Electrical Fire Before it Starts

Tom Henry tells "the other side of the story" on the high electric bill which hasn't been told before! Tom lets it all out in this life saving book. 

A yearlong investigation on the newly constructed homes and the survey found 80% of the homes were full of problems. We prove that "you can stop these unnecessary electrical fires before they start." It has been proved that 90% of electrical failures are due to LOOSE CONNECTIONS. By reducing the voltage drop percentage you save only pennies a day, but by the month, by the year, if you lived in this house for the next 20 years you would SAVE over $600 on ONE CIRCUIT and we do the CALCULATIONS TO PROVE THIS! But the advertisements you receive on saving energy are on insulating your home better, installing new efficient windows, energy efficient appliances, etc. Have you ever received an advertisement on lowering voltage drop by having your home load tested to see how much electricity ALL your circuits are wasting not just the one circuit example shown above. Residential fire deaths exceed those of any other building classification. More than half of the fire deaths that occur in residential buildings have occurred because a delay in detection due to the occupants being asleep at the time of the fire. About 66% of families are wasting a high amount of electricity. Roughly one-third of all fires began in concealed or other normally vacant spaces. Over 25 different Code violations were found in one house. The Solution a LOAD TEST. The impedance (resistance) of the entire circuit includes the receptacle, the building wiring, the panel box, the meter - all the way to the transformer on the utility pole. If there is a high resistance in any connection in the circuit due to a bad splice or loose connection, or because of a damaged conductor in branch circuits that otherwise would go undetected because they are hidden - in the receptacle, wall or panel box, its condition will be revealed in this test

Tom and Tim go into great detail in the 14 chapters

The Audience, The Insurance Policy, Home Owner, An Electrical Fire, Proper Electrical Inspection, Education, License, The Inspector, Excerpts from an Inspector's Journal, Electrical Designing, Connections, Proper Torque of Connections, Overcurrent Protection and Summary Wiring the House.


Item #669

How to STOP an Electrical Fire Before it Starts

Author: Tom Henry

Price $39.00**


**Tom wants to get this very important book in circulation to save lives and reduce the electric bill so he is offering a complimentary copy with the purchase of any of the following:

  • Journeyman or Master Series DVDs
  • A Walk Through the Electrical Code DVDs
  • Installing a Solar PV System Per the Manufacturer DVDs
  • Learn to be an Electrician (full program)
  • Master Combo #4 Books (The Library)

The Behavior of Electricity DVDs

On these two DVDs you'll see the circuit analyzer in action and soon realize what a valuable tool it is in locating the loose connections and preventing a fire before it starts. It will indicate the resistance of each wire and show the voltage drop. You'll see how one receptacle that had the wiring back-stabbed was corrected by wrapping the wire around the screw and by torquing the connections it reduced the voltage drop 1.8% by correcting the connections on ONE receptacle.The two DVDs have approximately 3 hours of demonstrations of appliance overloads, cord and receptacles short circuits, the actual time it takes for a circuit breaker and fuse to open under the same conditions with an overload and short circuit, branch circuits being load tested with the circuit analyzer, over 35 demonstrations. A wealth of electrical education in this program with Tom and Tim Henry! For a brief sample go to:

Item #911

The Behavior of Electricity DVDs

Tom and Tim Henry

Price $98.00


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