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Electrical Conductors

                                                Electrical Conductors

        This book is not written for the first year apprentice. This is an excellent book for the final year apprentice, contractor, designer and inspector. when this book is used for classroom instructions, the instructor must first teach the formulas and variables from this book.

   Perhaps electrical design is not why you got into this business, but it has been said that 70% of all electrical designing is done by the electrician.
    While the electrical designers are busy designing the large buildings, the electrician is called upon to wire the new piece of equipment just purchased, correct Code violations, or to give a bid for an add-on, or install a larger service to an existing building, etc.

    Remember, conductors are not intelligent. They don't know where they are going to be installed (in the basement, attic, soil, free air). They do not know the environment where they have been placed (wet, dry, hot, cold). They do not know how crowded it will be in the conduit or how many conductors beside them will be carrying current. They do not know how far they will be run or how long and hard they will have to work. They do not know if they will be properly protected and insulated from heat and moisture. Conductors aren't very smart.


    Designing motor circuits are rather complicated so first we need to understand how a motor functions. A motor doesn't have any intelligence, it will actually work itself to death if we don't protect it. A properly protected motor will last many years.

    One must first apply the variables to the load to properly install the conductors.

    This book contains Chapters: •The Electrical Conductor, •Resistance, •Insulation, •Temperature Rating of Devices, •Type of Load, •Motors, •Article 300 Wiring Methods.
    Except for mechanical abuse, the greatest hazard that conductors must endure is heat. Conductor insulation can be damaged by excessive heat in various ways, depending on the type of insulation and the degree of overheating.

24 Exams - Over 300 Questions with detailed answers from these chapters.

Item #1213  Electrical Conductors      $29.00


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