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     The Answers Book  by Tom Henry        

The Answer Book




General Knowledge (no book)

    This part of the test is where common sense, apprenticeship and years on the job are helpful.


Ohm's Law, Theory, Plan Reading, Symbols, Series and Parallel Circuits, Fractions and Decimals, Percentages, Safety, Circuit Wiring, Equipment and Tools, Voltage Drop Percentages, Grounded Conductor or Neutral, AC Sine wave, Frequency - Cycles, Transformer Ratios, etc...



        When you are actually sitting for the exam, your score is instantaneous but you never know what questions were wrong or where your weaknesses are.

    The elusive license, is still unattainable at this point. How would the applicant ever find out what the correct answer is? They are not permitted to ever knowing the correct answer. How are you to be educated if you never know the correct answer?

    I can remember my third grade of school when I miss spelled a word and my paper had a big red mark on #7. With the correct spelling of the word! You were taught to learn right from wrong by showing you the correct spelling. It's called education. A really positive learning experience. You knew where you made your mistakes and where you needed to study to improve your education.

    The only time you will ever know the "correct answer" is when you read Tom Henry Books where from all the years of studying the intent of the NEC from the TCD, TCR giving the substantiation for each of the new safety rules or deletions from the NEC each three years.
    At my age 82, I've been through 20 code cycles and written over 90 electrical books which will give you the correct answer in full detail.
The questions will be worked in full detail in the answer section of this book using the format or formula to solve the calculation so you will fully understand how the correct answer was solved.

Examples from The Answer book:   

In a 60 cycle system, what length of time does it take to go 90 degrees?

(a) 1/3 second    (b) 1/90 second    (c) 1/60 second    (d) 1/240 second

Solution: 90/360˚ = .25   60 cycles/.25 = 240 or 1/240 second.

40% is equivalent to _______.

(a) 5/8    (b) 3/5    (c) 2/5    (d) 5/16

* 2/5  = .40 or 40%.

If the resistance is held constant, what happens to the power if the current is doubled?

(a) doubled    (b) halved    (c) multiplied by 4    (d) divided by 4

* Multiplied by 4. W= IR  Example: 10 amps x 10 amps x 10 ohms = 1,000 watts
                                                                20 amps x 20 amps x 10 ohms = 4,000 watts

Two 500 watt lamps connected in series across a 120 volt source. The total power consumed is _______ watts.

(a) 1000    (b) 500    (c) 250    (d) 200

R = E2/W 120v x 120v/500w =28.8 ohms x 2 = 57.6 ohms. I = E/R 120v/57.6 Ohms  = 2.0833 amps
W = IR 2.0833a x 2.0833a x 57.6 ohms = 250 watts or W = E2/R 120v x 120v / 57.6 ohms =250 watts

How confident are you with math calculations? Do you like to read and do you retain what you read and study? Are you willing to schedule a time to study and make this your #1 priority?
    Closed-book (No Book) exams stimulate deep learning more than open-book exams.

                 ITEM #1207   The Answers Book  $29   addtocart.gif


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