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Learn More in 2024!

The much needed FIRST book in the electrical industry.

    This book is for the person that never had an electrical apprenticeship or a formal training program, or may have watched a video on how to wire a house.

The Neutral
Voltage Drop
Did you know?

After finishing this book you'll no longer need to feel embarrassed about your lack of schooling and knowledge you can go to the head of the class.

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Become a Better Electrician

Author: Tom Henry

Item #942


Price $34.00

"Wiring The New Home" by Tom Henry

Do you want to live in a new house that was the "low bid?"


By using a conductor only one size larger than the Code required minimum can provide a quick payback in savings.

Rough-In, Plan Reading, Symbols, Abbreviations, Drilling and Notching Lumber, Cable (Romex or Metal Clad), Studs (wood or metal), Connecting Devices, Low-Bid Cost Voltage Drop (wasted electricity $$$), The Load Tester, Electrical Shock (Safety 70E), Designing (service sizing, neutral sizing, panelboard schedule, balance loads).

The home owner needs to sit with the electrical installer over a cup of coffee to be assured their new home will be capable of supplying enough circuits for the new higher wattage appliances. Eliminate the #14 wire, it shouldn't be allowed in the home.

Advantages of installing #14 Romex over #12 Romex in a house.

    •Cost $
    •Smaller box
    •Easier to pull
    •Easier to staple
    •Easier to terminate

Are the connections torqued to the required inch-pounds? Are you kidding me?? Reducing labor hours requires back stabbing the receptacles with #14 wire.

With all the newer appliances do you want to live in a new home that was the "low bid?" Eliminate the #14 wire, it shouldn't be allowed in the home. Eliminate cords. Do you only want two circuits in the kitchen?

        I certainly realize the "low bid" generally gets the job. Well how do you     compete for the lowest bid? Well volume buying if you can, lowest          priced materials, lowest labor hours, etc.

        It's best to go over the electrical plans and install a new home wired    for the future. Once the walls are up and painted it gets very expensive      to add new circuits.

If  a person lived in the house say for 20 years as some do, the cost of voltage drop on ONE CIRCUIT in the house, if the utility company didn't raise the rate in 20 years and the resistance of the receptacle circuit didn't increase over the 20 years, the cost would be $41.88 x 20 years = $837!! For only ONE circuit in the house!

But the advertisements you receive on saving energy are on insulating your home better, installing new efficient windows, energy efficient appliances, etc. Have you ever received an advertisement on lowering voltage drop by having your home load tested to see how much electricity ALL your circuits are wasting not just the one circuit example. Does anyone other than me really care?


        50 Questions Open Book

         50 Questions Open Book


          50 Questions Open Book

    An excellent book to teach a house wiring class!

Click here to see a sample of this book.

Wiring The New Home

Author: Tom Henry

Item #941


Price $45.00

Special Combo!!! Get both books: Become a Better Electrician and Wiring the New Home for only $75.00

Item #943


Price $75.00

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