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 "A Walk Through The Electrical Code"
with Tom Henry

12 Action Packed Videos!!!

Let Tom Henry take you for a walk through the Code, an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Tom Henry has over 50 years of experience and will story tell sections of the code with actual experiences he has had as an instructor of over 20,000 students, as an inspector at Walt Disney World, as an author of over 40 books and as a master electrician in the field.

He has read thousands of Code change proposals of accepting and rejecting them over the years to learn the intent of the Code.

There is a tremendous amount of work that  must be done in electrical training. The one area I feel we are lacking in is "learning" the Code. You can't just read the Code, it must be taught to you and clearly explained.

Designed for individual study or excellent for training programs. This is the program the Code instructor has been looking for in the vocational school. Electrical engineers can benefit from this program in learning the Code as they have had zero hours of Code instruction in the four years at the university.

This 12 volume video program comes in either DVD or VHS format. Each video is 70 minutes or longer.

Item #677 - A Walk Through the Electrical Code / 12 DVD's



Item #678 - A Walk Through The Electrical Code / 12 VHS Tapes



Also Available 

The Pictorial Workbook Of The Code

Most likely you have heard the expression "A picture is worth a thousand words."In my writing of books I take text and massage it and put it into a picture where possible. I have written 5 volumes "The Pictorial Workbook of the Code" which covers the first four chapters of the Code in pictures.
The first four chapters I have always referred to as the "meat of the

This five volume set contains 1721 Code questions, 165 quizzes or exams and 9 final exams, all with answers and Code references. These volumes have the answer pages perforated for easy removal for an instructor teaching the Code. These books compliment the video series, "A Walk Through The Electrical Code", as you can now test the student with 1721 questions. A great program for an electrical classroom teaching the Code.

Today electricans must be better than they ever have been. With the tremendous growth in technology, new products, new wiring methods etc., the industry has moved forward while many of us have stood still. With the increasing threat of legal liability, it is time the electrician understands the minimum requirements of the Code.

Item #456 - Five Book Combo, Pictorial Workbook Of The Code



And Don't Forget

The "Ultimate" Code Book

The "Ultimate" hi-lited and tabbed Code book is recommended to follow along with the videos. Also included is the Keyword Index, Reminders Book for the Electrican and Formula Insert pages. 

Item #520 - The 2008 "Ultimate" Code Book 



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