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Georg Simon Ohm

Ohm's Law was developed by Georg Simon Ohm (1787-1854).

Although he discovered one of the most fundamental laws of current electricity, he was virtually ignored for most of his life by scientists in his own country.

In 1827 Georg Simon Ohm discovered some laws relating to the strength of a current in a wire. Ohm found that electricity acts like water in a pipe.

Ohm discovered that the current in a circuit is directly proportional to the electric pressure and inversely to the resistance of the conductors.

Ohm's Law is one of the most important things that you will use throughout your electrical career. It is a mathematical tool which is of the greatest use in determining an unknown factor of voltage, current or resistance in an electrical circuit in which the other two factors are unknown.

It is a simple law that states the relationship between voltage, current and resistance in a mathematical equation. In electrical terms, voltage is represented by the letter "E" (electromotive force) Current by the letter "I" (intensity), and resistance by the letter "R".

The Ohm's formula cannot work properly unless all values are expressed in the correct units of measurement:

VOLTAGE is expressed in VOLTS
is expressed in AMPERES
is expressed in OHMS

Workbook with Questions and Answers

Item #101 - Ohm's Law Electrical Math
and Voltage Drop Calculations

By: Tom Henry

Price $26.00

Also Available:

Great gift ideas with the Ohm's Law Formula

Ohm's Law was developed by:
Georg Simon Ohm

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