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     The Formation of the National Electrical Code
by Tom Henry

Formation NEC

   A must read book in pictures for the electrician to understand the formation of the NEC, the    intent of the rules,sovereign immunity, liability, the inspector, the license exam, the real world  today, and the permit. Tom Henry will sum up these 12 educational chapters in his over 60 years  experiencing the intent of the National Electrical Code book.
    You will find this to be a very educational and truthful and very interesting journey from the  beginning to the real world today.
      The light bulb was a turning point for humanity as much as the printing press. Technologically  speaking, mankind has advanced more in the last hundred years than the thousand before that.          Without the invention of the light bulb, there would be no modern computer as we know it

   The use of flints to start fire may have occurred as far back as 400,00 years ago.
   1826 - Creation of Ohms law. Georg Simon Ohm, German physicist who discovered the law, named after him.
   July 7th, 1888 Nikola Tesla sells patents for A.C. Polyphase system to George Westinghouse for $25,000 in cash, $50,000 in notes and a royalty of $2.50 per horsepower for each motor.
   The first electrical codes in the United States originated in New York in 1881 to regulate installations of electric lighting.
   The 118-year old Centennial Bulb. A modern marvel in hand blown glass and thick carbon filament.
   Harvey Hubbell II was an American inventor, entrepreneur and industrialist. His best known inventions are the U.S. electrical plug and the pull chain light socket.
   1752 - Benjamin Franklin's key experiment establishing the relationship betweenlightning and static electricity.
   1878 - Thomas Edison establishes the Edison Electric Light Company. He has been described as America's greatest inventor.
   Incandescent lighting unboubtedly changed the world, without a doubt, the most exciting time in the history of innovation.
   Edison didn't just develop a lamp; he invented a whole system of creating and delivering electricity.
   January 12, 1897 - Nikola Tesla opened the first hydro electric power plant in Niagara Falls.
The first microwave oven was called the Radarange and it was over six feet tall and weighed almost 800 pounds.
    With Edison's and Hubbell's electric products and the Pearl Street power plant let the wiring begin! William Merrill was hired by a group of insurance companies to evaluate concerns about the fire risk of the electrical wiring of 100,000 Edison incandescent light bulbs in the Palace of Electricity at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago.
    With five different organizations acting independently, electrical installers were following five separate codes. This made uniform systems and connections next to impossible.
    On November 6, 1896, representatives from each organization met in New York to discuss fire, electrical, sprinklers and uniformity. The meeting was presided over by fire insurance agent Uberto Crosby. Articles were drawn up for a new regulatory association. Article 1 read "This organization shall be known as the National Fire Protection Agency." To this day, the NFPA has led fire safety efforts in the United States.
    This draft was then sent to over 1,000 scientists, mathematicians, physicists, inventors, chemists, engineers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, futurists, tradesmen, manufacturer representatives, fire fighters, and other invitees from all over the world, who provided comments and suggested additions and changes. The committee met again in June and incorporated the best of the reviewer comments. The final result was theNational Electrical Code of 1897.

Over the years I have learned the intenet of the NEC by referring to The National Electrical Code Committee Report on Proposals.
By explaining the building permit process in detail, this article will uncover the myth.
Ask yourself if the industry is fulfilling the intent of the electrical license?
A home inspector is sometimes confused with a real estate appraiser. Very few home inspectors are qualified to make a complete detailed assessment of an electrical system.
Being an Electrical Inspector, an enforcer of electrical codes and regulations, requires a vast knowledge of the National Electrical Code.
I have trouble with deleting NEC sections by a local code, as the NEC is the "minimum" safety standard.
The insurance company that requires the homeowner to have this electrical work performed should request a copy of a signed permit by an electrical inspector.
To make a final electrical inspection of a building without turning the power on, would be like finaling a swimming pool with no water!
     So many in the electrical industry are not aware of Chapter Eight - Sovereign Immunity. The rationale was that the government could do no wrong, but that allowing a lawsuit for breach of a government duty would expose the government to unlimited liability,the costs of which would have to be borne by taxpayers.
    The electrician is responsible for the correct installation of electrical wiring, not the inspector. The following is why education is so important in the electrical industry.

          ITEM #1026   The Formation of the NEC..........    $29   addtocart.gif 

"Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes."

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