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Tom Henry's Electrical Exam Book Combos

Electrical exams are difficult timed tests. To successfully pass the electrical exam, the electrician must answer the correct amount of questions in the right amount of time. Questions on the electrical exam vary, depending on the type of electrical exam that you are taking and what company is administering the electrical exam. Contact your local building department or county official to find out the requirements for licensing in your area. Obtain a blueprint of the electrical exam, this should show you the amount of questions and how much time you will have to complete the electrical exam along with what the passing grade will be.


Journeyman Electrical Exam Book Combos

Journeyman combo book sets are designed for anyone studying for the Journeyman or similar electrical exam. More than ever, electrical jobs are requiring the work of licensed journeyman.

Available in 2023, 2020, 2017, 2014, 2011, and 2008 Code.


Item # 112 - Journeyman Electrical Exam Combo # 1

Prepare for the journeyman exam with a review of Ohm's Law, the Journeyman requirements in the Code and Calculations for the Electrical Exam. Save $$ over the cost of these study-aids if purchased individually. 

Author: Tom Henry


Item # 113 - Journeyman Electrical Exam Combo # 2

This solid four book set includes the books in Journeyman Combo #1 and starts the electrician with a helpful review of electrical theory. Save $$$.

Author: Tom Henry


Item # 187 - Journeyman Electrical Exam Combo # 3

The electrician will receive everything in Journeyman Combo #2 plus the Electric Motors Workbook. Often requested for those preparing for the journeyman exam. Save $$$.

Author: Tom Henry


Item # 194 - Journeyman Electrical Exam Combo # 4

A complete package for journeyman exams that include plan reading. Receive all the books in Journeyman Combo #3 plus the Journeyman Wireman Workbook, Code Tables and the Electrical Plan Reading Workbook. Save $$$.

Author: Tom Henry


Master Electrical Exam Book Combos

These book sets are designed for the electrician that would like to advance from the journeyman or similar license to the master level. Many of the books found in the journeyman packages are also found in the book sets listed below.

Available in 2023, 2020, 2017, 2014, 2011, and 2008 Code.

Item # 209 - Master Electrical Exam Combo # 1

A 7 book set to prepare you for the difficult Master electrical exam. Save $$$ over individual book prices. Includes books from Journeyman Exam Combo # 2

Author: Tom Henry

Item # 222 - Master Electrical Exam Combo # 2

A popular 8 book set of Master exam study-aids. Save $$$ over individual book prices. This combo includes all the books from Master Exam Combo # 1 plus the Code Tables.

Author: Tom Henry

Item # 219 - Electrical Contractors Special Combo

Tom Henry's big 12 book set of study-aids for the electrical contractor which includes burglar and fire alarms. Includes Administrative Law questions and the Electric Motors Workbook. Save $$$ on this combo.

Author: Tom Henry

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