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ENCYCLOPEDIA for an Electrician 

by Tom Henry


ENCYCLOPEDIA, a work that contains information and treats comprehensively a particular branch of knowledge arranged by subject.

"Everyone hears only what they understand"

"How can you answer the question if you don't know what the words are asking?

"The English language has 42 sounds spelled in 400 ways."

"The National Electrical Code was written at the level of a second year college student of English."

Exams follow each chapter with over 450 questions & answers.

                     Item #933 Encyclopedia for an Electrician      (Two Volume Set)
                                        By: Tom Henry 

Price $58.00

Special Combo Get Tom Henry's books, Encycopedia for an
Electrician and The Behavior of Electricity 2 DVD's

Witness 3 hours of electrical demonstrations of explosions of actual short circuits and a loose connection starting ohmic heating which starts an actual fire in the wall before your eyes!

                     At what amperage do you think a brand new 20 amp circuit breaker would                

    Actual tests shown on video: A 30 amp load tripped in 57 seconds. 40 amp         load tripped in 12 seconds.

                  A 31 amp load on a 15 amp circuit breaker tripped in 14 seconds.

       A 31 amp load on a 20 amp fuse, fuse opened in 3 seconds.             

       A 31 amp load on a 15 amp fuse, fuse opened in 1 second.


            The results are from an actual home wired 29 years ago (we filmed this                and
put the results on video). Using the circuit analyzer to check this                      branch circuit for voltage drop. This simple test will prove how to stop a fire            before it starts and save hundreds of dollars on your electric bill. It should be used to check NEW wiring!


                    RECEPTACLE CONTACT PRESSURE TESTER - Do you have one?

              Receptacle performance is only as good as the electrical and mechanical contact maintained within the blades of the attachment plug. The first point of wear in a receptacle is usually the tension of the spring contacts.
              Any reading by this instrument above 4 oz. indicates a serviceable receptacle, that all plugs will fit well.
              After 10 years you will find receptacles that are often used, the contact blade is worn out and the receptacle needs to be replaced. The tester is insulated to be plugged into an energized circuit so it doesn't take long to check all the                        receptacles.
                          If the connection of a branch circuit conductor to an appliance or receptacle is  loose, severe overheating may occur at the point of connection. Extreme heating can result,  damaging the equipment or device and in extreme cases, damaging surrounding materials.  Despite extensive heat and progressive deterioration, the current level remains normal, there  is no "overcurrent," and the circuit breaker is not activated. Consequently, the best protection  is careful, professional installation, and periodic inspections of susceptible connection points  using a circuit analyzer load test as shown on these DVD's.
             The best 3 hours an electrician or inspector could ever spend and save a life!


Item #973 Encyclopedia for an Electrician and Behavior of Electricity DVD's

Price $124.00   (A savings of $32.00)


       A Dynamic Duo - Plug in the "Two-Fer"!

   Qualified Book Code Tables Book

Tom Henry's books to prepare an electrician properly for a electrical license examination.

Pass the exam the first time by adding these two valuable books to your library of Tom Henry books.


  • You must understand the Code Tables to pass an electrical examination
  • You will be questioned over 425 times on the Tables
  • Answers in detail
  • Understanding the Code Tables is very important to the reader of the book preparing to take an electrical exam. During my journey traveling 21 states, 84 cities preparing electricians for their license exam, I've experienced the weakness the student had in applying the Code Tables. Some have missed passing the exam by one or two points merely by being unfamiliar with the Code Tables and how they are applied.


  • This book has over 565 exam questions and answers from these categories: Construction electrician, Maintenance electrician, Parts-Tools-Safety, Electrical Inspector, National Electrical Code, Basic Code Calculations, Basic Controls, OSHA, Theory, The Ultimate Closed Book Exam 115 questions.

    Item #931 Code Tables Book and The Qualified Electrician License Exam Book Combo

    By: Tom Henry 

    Price $49.00 (a savings of $9.00)




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