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          Calculations of the Fundamental Laws of                                  Electricity by Tom Henry  

    Start at the beginning preparing for the electrical exam properly with this work‚book which con‚tains 8 chapters each with an exam, five final exams to‚taling over 500 questions with 29 pages of answers in detailed sketches by Tom Henry. This book is written in clear and simple language on this very important subject electricity, of which is not being prop‚erly taught today. I have massaged the chalk board and made it understandable for the student.

 Greek philosopher Aristotle was asked how much better educated, trained men were to those uneducated.
    “As much,” he said, “as the living are to the dead.”     

    I felt the need to write this book to share my experiences of 60 years in the electrical industry and the changes I personally have witnessed in the electrical exam passing rate. A student must start at the beginning with the fundamental laws of electricity, there is no shortcut.

    What so many entering the trade haven't been required to realize, it's a skilled trade, it's listed as a profession, you are required to be a professional. Do you know why? Because you can kill yourself or someone else working with electricity. It requires education and continuing education throughout your career. Obtaining the license is just a start in your journey through electrical education.

    There is no excuse today for not passing an exam and getting your license. Good grief, back in the 1970's we didn't have access to all the books and videos you have to prepare with as you do today. My gosh, look at our future, with maybe 30 years of oil left and billions of years of sun left, guess what, solar power and electric vehicles: These vehicles require a place to plug them in, this is our future. Get involved now, get started on the ground floor, start your future today. I'm excited about the future of the electrical industry, but it will require jumping through the hoops if you want to advance. I learned that much in my journey, I wouldn't change it for anything. I'm a believer in education and the skilled trades; being a craftsman.
    I've found it's human nature for people to believe that something is better when it's difficult or complicated. With all our incredible technology, we've developed a definite lack of respect in this country for simple. We think the more complicated something is,the more valuable it is. Complicated may work for machines, but not for people.
    In starting my apprenticeship in 1956, I was taught by a man who was going to make you get the best out of yourself. He believed people were capable of accomplishing more than they felt they could. He sold you on hard work, nothing that comes easy is worth a dime. That's why this book is a workbook! It's called "jumping through the hoops." It's continuing your education, continue to learn!

        I feel the fundamentals of electricity must be moulded into the student in the beginning. So much is not being taught today. We must get the big "E" education, back in "E"lectrician! It is evident that a greater effort must be made to educate installers of electricity to its proper use, The lack of knowledge is dangerous. This is why the truly educated never graduate.


    The major purpose of a license is to protect public health and safety by preventing unqualified people from practicing a given profession or occupation. The order in which the various topics are taken up is what the author has found to be most teachable. The method of presentation is designed to arouse and hold interest, and to furnish the easiest approachto new or more difficult ideas. This book will explain electrical circuits through research in all subjects discussed; in short to reduce the every-day practice of a million skilled workers to an unvarying science; science being defined as the "orderly arrangement of knowledge."   
    The true passion and purpose for my life began when I started teaching. That passion is being able to make a difference in the lives of others. My direction is, you've done a good job, now let's do better. You've done it well, now let's excel! I never defuse enthusiasm, I use this creative power to drive myself and my students to excellence.
    Joe McPartland, my mentor, reminded me that to a teacher what is worse than not knowing the answer to a students question is never to have been asked the question. He asked me, "What do you do when you don't know the answer to the question? You tell the student I don't know the answer but I'll find it for you. Then you purchase a book, write letters to higher ups, you call me, you find the answer. And as a teacher you grow everytime you are asked a question!" Now that's powerful!!
    It seems to me that today young people are not challenged or have not had the opportunity to fully investigate what their individual talents may be to actually guide them to become successful adults. I don't have all the answers but I do know there would be more success stories if we, as teachers and advisors can create a more individualized, motivational atmosphere in which they can develop their God given talents.
    The average person puts only 25% of his energy and ability into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put more than 50% of their capacity, and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%
    When asked what I wanted my legacy to be: Later in life when you knew better, you did better. I wanted to stand for something. I wanted to be remembered that I left it better than I found it. I want the world to judge me on what I do right. Nobody can motivate you but yourself!

    Calculations of the Fundamental Laws of Electricity

    A must book for an electrical instructor in a must needed area in electrical education of the fundamental laws and how they are applied. For the person taking a electrical license exam, this is the area other than the Code book questions and calculations, on which you will be questioned on. This workbook will prevent the weakness on this subject which is lowering the passing percentage today.

        Item #1001 Calculations of the Fundamental Laws of                                                                    Electricity.........$29.00



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