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Installing A PV Solar System Per
The Manufacturer's Instructions Series

Code Electrical Classes Inc. is proud to announce it now has a complete 14 DVD Program on how to install the PV Solar System correctly to the manufacturer's specifications to maintain the customers warranty. Not only does this program include 14 DVDs but also the workbook that is given to students in the classes we teach containing 322 photos of the PowerPoint slides we use in class.

This 14 DVD program covers:

    * Roof Top Safety
    * The Site Assessment
    * Roof layout measurements, Torque tools
    * Grounding of the rails, Torquing specifications
    * Lagging into the roof, Installing the rail system
    * Following the Code
    * Roof Installation
    * Torquing, grounding and wiring the system
    * Applying Code Article 690 to the PV system
    * Installing the Enphase micro-inverter AC system
    * Designing the PV Solar system
    * Final check out, troubleshooting the system
    * Installing the dual-axis tracker, start to finish
    * Batteries, designing different types of systems
    * Cleaning, inspection and maintenance

Item # 426 - Installing A PV Solar System Per The Manufacturer's Instructions



The Solar Photovoltaic Workbook by Tom Henry

The Solar Photovoltaic Workbook

Photovoltaic solar systems are being installed throughout the U.S. in states like California (where it must have 20% renewable energy by 2010), Florida, New Jersey, New York and many other states where financial incentives are available, the solar business is booming!

Solar power systems are rapidly growing over 30% per year segment of the residential and commercial electrical systems market.

This workbook will take you from start to finish in designing and calculating the equipment and wire sizes. The book includes a 60 question installers exam with answers. Several states now require this exam.

Start your future today and enter into employment THAT IS THE FUTURE!

Author: Tom Henry

Item #810


Price $45.00

Test Your Knowledge / Online Quiz (Free)

60 Open Book Questions, Time Limit 4 Hours

The exam is designed to be completed with the aid of the 2008 NEC.

Order your PV Exam today!

**When ordering online, please give us a working email address where we can email you your username and password that is required in order to take the exam.**

Item #705 - PV Online Exam - 60 open book questions, 4 Hour Time Limit.


Price: $45.00

Item #706 - PV Exam & Evaluation


Price: $80.00

We teach hands-on demonstrations of a DC and AC pv system in our solar  center not in a hotel meeting room.

7.5 KW Enphase System

Solar Center

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