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           The Electricity Homeschool Program with                         Tom Henry    


    I'm sharing over 61 years of electrical knowledge with you in this program Electricity so you don't have to go through what I did to learn the trade.
    I've written over 70 electrical books and taught over 20,000 electricians over the years, but this program on Electricity is my favorite!
   This Electricity program is the High School Physical Science Homeschool course designed to help homeschooled students learn about electricity.
     This is also an excellent starter program for the electrical contractor that has a child who would like to continue in the family business. Or the vocational instructor starting a class.

    To learn electricity, the invisible force that became the major means of making man the master of the earth, you must first learn the methods of producing and controlling it and learn the rules or laws that apply to the behavior of electricity: the electron theory. The relationship between electricity and magnetism is the foundation to learning about electricity.

        Advances are being made daily now in technology with robots, lasers, fiber optics, microwaves, solar, lithium batteries, computers, cell phones, LED lighting, etc. Today is an exciting time in the electrical world. I'm so proud to be an educational part of it.

        The program Electricity has an eight chapter text book with chapters starting with the atom, static and current electricity, magnetism, DC generator, alternator, turbine, Ohms Law, AC current, Single phase and three phase transformers, series and parallel circuits, and power and energy.

    Each chapter is followed by an exam. The student must pass the chapter exam to advance to the next chapter. The instructor (usually the parent) will grade the exam as the answers in detail are found in the 80 page Instructors Guide.

    Over 3 hours of Video!
    The Instructors Guide provides the Electricity program format which starts the student first watching a video on the chapter before reading the chapter. Now you can actually see electricity in motion!

                        It is not a solid, liquid, nor gas;
                        something having no weight, being
                        invisible, occupying no space,
                        moving at enormous speed,but yet
                        a normal part of nature.

    The student will witness on video these amazing experiments by Tom Henry. 10 dimes and 10 pennies produce electricity, you'll actually see current flowing in water, you'll see a 9 volt battery start a fire and learn how, you'll witness Tom Henry holding a fluorescent tube in an electrostatic field of over 400,000 volts and the tube lights up, the power wheel and calculator in animation, water analogy in  motion, magnetism in action, a neon arc starting a fire, and many more to view.

                                 The Leader in Electrical Education
                            Tom Henry's Code Electrical Classes Inc.
As the president of CEC, I lookforward to welcoming you as a student of the Electricity program and I'm excited to be part of your exciting future. As of August 9, 2018 we have over 1940 students enrolled with 377 graduates from 50 different states in our "Learn to be an Electrician" program. We also have students from other countries, Turks, Caicos, Virgin Islands, England, Bermuda, West Indies, Canada, Iraq, Africa, Guam, and the Philippines. Electricity is used all over the world thanks to Nikola Tesla.         

  This is where every person interested in the electrical field of technology should start at the beginning with Electron Theory.
  In my years of preparing electricians for their license exam, I found the reason many didn't pass is that they never have been taught electricity. You have to start there first.

   Learn how the AC current we use today came about with the "War of Currents".


             Faraday               Ampere              Tesla               Westinghouse       Edison

    Now you can introduce this fascinating world of electricity to your student. This program enumerates the many uses of electricity in both human technology and the natural world. Electricity provides heat and private and public lighting. Stop for a minute and try to imagine your world without electrical power and electronic gadgets. Electricity is vital to many appliances, like television, radios, computers, cell phones, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning, and electric lights, etc. Even automobiles use electricity and have a battery for this purpose. In nature, animals use voltage pulses to transmit information along their cell membranes. Additionally, electricity can be used to revive someone. When a person's heart stops beating, physicians often stimulate it with a device known as a defibrillator, which sends an electrical pulse. The world turns at the end of a wire.

                                                START TODAY!

     Item #1007   Electricity Homeschool Program .........$195.00


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