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 "Exam Questions
   Beyond the Code"

Tim Henry

Directed by
Tom Henry

This booklet contains 50 questions and a 90 minute DVD from categories not found in the Code.  You can test yourself starting with Question #1 in the booklet and continuing on to see how many you feel you can answer.  When finished working in the booklet turn on your DVD and I'll go over the answer to each question in detail.

This DVD covers an area generally taught in apprenticeship, but some have never had an apprenticeship and even if they did, it's most likely they've forgotten a lot of this subject matter.

We will cover the Ohms Law with series, parallel and series parallel circuit questions in detail.  The resistance values of equal resistors and unequal resistors.

My job will be to make this not only interesting but also easy to answer these type exam questions as in my teaching I've always tried to not only explain the "how" but also the "why."

Item #679 - Exam Questions From Beyond the Code



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