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Definition of trifecta: A variation of the perfecta in which a bettor wins by selecting the first three finishers of a race in the correct order of finish.

Now updated to the 2017 Code!

Journeyman Electrician Exam Questions and Answers. An excellent study-aid for the helper, apprentice, or electrician in preparing for the Journeyman exam. Contains 16 closed-book exams & 20 open-book exams. An ideal book to study the 2017 Code.

   ITEM #102-17   2017 Journeyman Exam Questions and Answers   by Tom Henry


 Master Electrician Exam Questions and Answers.
Designed to advance the electrician in the Code from the Journeyman level. 14 closed-book exams & 16 open-book exams take you cover to cover in the 2017 Code.

   ITEM #103-17   2017 Master Exam Questions and Answers   by Tom Henry


Calculations for the Electrical Exam. Contains 9 chapters of solid calculation instruction. Covers Branch Circuits, Ampacity, Motors, Taps, Box/Conduit Sizing, Cooking Equipment, Commercial & Dwelling Calculations & MORE! Includes practice exams & answers!

   ITEM #105-17   2017 Calculations for the Electrical Exam   by Tom Henry


Changes to the 2017 National Electrical Code® Workbook

This book it Titled
"Changes to the 2017 National Electrical Code® Workbook" as it includes a 50 question exam as a summary of you reviewing the new NEC®.

                      ITEM #987   Changes to the National Electrical Code Workbook 

Piecing Together a Success Puzzle

By Tom Henry

    Reading is a process of sensory reception, involving skilled eye movements and a brain process, in which the meaning of the printed symbols are elaborated. The eye is like a camera relaying the picture to the brain. so we read not only with our eyes, but also with our brains. Reading is a very complex process, as it is obvious if you remember how long it took you to learn to read.
      You cannot excel in a subject if you don't understand it. The key is learning and understanding a subject. Memory comes from overlearning. You don't forget how to ride a bicycle.
    Study remains an art. To be successful in your studies, you must have definite vocational goals and a high personal ambition. High achievement comes from strong ambition. Reading is the most important single skill in study. Reading is an exercise of the mind.

There are different plateaus and a gradual progression of learning in the electrical trade. Plateaus are like landings in a flight of stairs.
In school, I was a C student, but the tests I was given did not measure the difference between sucess and failure. They did not measure "imagination,""determination," "integrity." "sincerity," "intuitive gifts of diplomacy," etc.
Not having a goal is more feared than not reaching a goal.
Nobody can motivate you but yourself!
Enthusiam - it's the winner!
You've got to be excited about life.

        ITEM #664   Piecing Together a Success Puzzle    by Tom Henry

"Not Just An Electrician"

   The circuitous true life journey of 'The' Tom Henry     

More than an electrician


"Not Just An Electrician"
As written by Pamela Porter Patterson             
   What - Tom's journey has accomplished as a world-wide leader in electrical education
   When - After 14 years in a management position at Walt Disney World, Tom took a leap of
                faith starting his own business out of his carport at his home in Winter Park, Florida

    Why - Tom's vision to educate became the successful 2-1/2 acre campus known as "Code                          Electrical Classes, Inc." including his bookstore housing over 60 books that he has                          authored

    Where - is Tom's journey going?

     How - did one small boy from a small town raised by his mother, venture on without a college                   degree and become a self made multi-millionaire?
      Let the journey begin ...........................

        ITEM #924   "Not Just An Electrician"    by Tom Henry/Pam Patterson

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