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All 3 Books Updated to the new 2020 NEC

2020 Calculations for the Electrical Exam
Best selling books to prepare electricians for the licensing exam

Calculations for the Electrical Exam contains 9 chapters of solid calculation instruction. This book Calculations for the Electrical Exam covers Continuous loads, Branch Circuits, Ampacity and Correction factors for Ambient temperatures and Neutral conductors, Conductor terminations per 110.14(C), Advantages of using 90 degree Celsius conductors (THHN), Calculating Motor Overload protection, along with Overcurrent protection and wire sizing for the branch circuit and feeder for Single phase and Three phase Motors, Sizing Taps, Box/Conduit Sizing, along with Straight pulls, Angle pulls and U pulls for conductor sizes #4 and larger, Residential and Commercial Cooking Equipment, Single phase ranges on a three phase system, Calculating Commercial & Dwelling service sizes, Paralleling conductors, Panelboard Sizing, & MORE! OUR BEST SELLER since 1985!! Includes five Journeyman and five Master practice exams & answers! Over 360 pages of excellent calculation study material! 

Item #105-20  2020 Calculations for the Electrical Exam

By: Tom Henry

Our Best Seller! Includes practice exams.

Price $39.00

2020 Calculations


Calculations II Workbook
Best selling books to prepare electricians for the licensing exam

Tom Henry's biggest seller Calculations for the Electrical Exam has been a favorite of the electricians for several years. Now he has revised his Calculations II Workbook to the 2020 National Electrical Code, which includes his favorite 101 calculation questions asked on electrical exams. Some of the questions cover calculations on cable tray and gutter sizing, conductor sizing when using THHN conductors, freight elevators, load balancing, neutral loads, Marina receptacle demands, Mobile home park demands, optional demand for schools, hermetic motor fuse sizing, power factors, single phase ranges on a three phase system, welder sizing, transformer connections, transformer impedance, fault-current calculations, the capacitor kvar questions and more. A must for the I.C.C. exam.

Item #325-20 - Calculations II Workbook (2020 Code)

Author: Tom Henry

Price $39.00

Calculations 2

Calculations 3 Workbook
Best selling books to prepare electricians for the licensing exam

This book will put you to the head of the class!

  •Short-circuit calculations                                        
  •Delta - Wye 3 phase Transformer Calculations         
  •Auxiliary Gutter Sizing Calculations     
  •Sizing the Neutral Conductor 3 phase Wye System
  •Commercial Building Calculations                             
  •Box Fill and Conduit Sizing Calculations
  •Harmonic currents                                                     
  •Single and Multifamily Dwelling Sizing
  •Household Cooking Equipment Demands                 
  •Commercial Electric Cooking Equipment
  •Conductor Ampacity Correction Factors                    
  •Fixed Electric Space Heating Calculations
  •Efficiency and Power Factor 3 phase Calculations  
  •Sizing Metal Wireway Calculations
  •Sizing Air Conditioning and Central Heat                  
  •Panelboard, Switchboard and Cabinet Rules
  •Circuit Breakers, Switches and Receptacles            
  •Conductors in Parallel per Phase
  •Kvars, % of Impedance, Load Balancing                  
  •Unbalanced 3 phase Wye Neutral Calculation
  •Voltage Drop Per Cent Calculations  

Item #1130  Calculations 3 Workbook (2020 Code) 

By: Tom Henry

Price $39.00

Calculations 3



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