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Estimating Electrical Construction by Ed Tyler

Like taking a class in how to estimate materials and labor for residential and commercial electrical construction. Written by an A.S.P.E. National Estimator of the Year, it teaches you how to use labor units, the plan take-off, and the bid summary to make an accurate estimate, how to deal with suppliers, use pricing sheets, and modify labor units. Provides extensive labor unit tables and blank forms for your next electrical job.

Item #234 - Estimating Electrical Construction

Provides extensive labor unit tables and blank
forms for your next electrical job.

By: Tyler

Price: $35.00

This is the practical guide to electrical estimating by the man recognized as the "Estimator of the Year." It takes you through every step of making an accurate estimate, from essential preliminaries to submitting the final bid.

Explanations start at the beginning: the codes you have to follow and the basics of estimating - labor units, the plan take-off, the bid summary and the necessary forms. Then comes the complete estimating process, starting with the types of bids and elements of each, what to look for on the job walk, how to do a systematic take-off, how to deal with suppliers and use pricing sheets, how to modify labor units and where adjustments are necessary to avoid the most common mistakes electrical estimators make.

A complete estimate for a 6,000 square foot commercial building is included. You start with the scope of work, the materials and equipment to be used, installation requirements, and a complete set of plans for the electrical system. Work sheets, pricing sheets, the bid summary sheet, telephoned quotations and the spreadsheets are all provided so you can compare your work with what an experienced professional electrical estimator would do. Blank copies of all forms are included so you can make estimating forms for your own use.

Chapters are included on bidding mechanics, how to prepare and deal with submittals, handling change orders and backcharges, and when to use alternates to reduce your bid. This book has both the essential how-to's and the down-to-earth advice needed to avoid costly mistakes.

A section on cost data records explains why your own cost experience is the most reliable cost reference and how to keep these important documents. Other sections on project scheduling, purchasing, preparing a coded labor breakdown, and good information sources complete this total course in how to estimate electrical construction.


Also Available by Ed Tyler...

Item #186 - National Electrical Estimator

Reliable guide to estimate the cost of electrical systems
in buildings. Includes CD ROM.

By: Tyler

Price: $53.00



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