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National Electrical Estimator by Ed Tyler

This year's prices for installation of all common electrical work: conduit, wire, boxes, fixtures, switches, outlets, loadcenters, panelboards, raceway, duct, signal systems, and more. Provides material costs, manhours per unit, and total installed cost. Explains what you should know to estimate each part of an electrical system. Includes a CD-ROM with an electronic version of the book with National Estimator, a stand-alone Windows estimating program, plus an interactive multimedia video that shows how to use the disk to compile construction cost estimates. Revised annually.

Included with National Estimator CD-ROM:

  • Job Cost Wizard ­ turns estimates into invoices and exports both in QuickBooks
  • Free Online Technical Support ­ for the National Estimator Software
  • Free Monthly National Estimator Updates ­ Updates to the 2006 costbooks and zip code modification factors are updated monthly. Monthly price updates on the Web are free and automatic all during 2006. You'll be prompted when it's time to collect the next update. A connection to the Web is required.


Item #186 - National Electrical Estimator

Reliable guide to estimate the cost of electrical systems
in buildings. Includes CD ROM.

By: Tyler

Price: $58.00

Current Labor and Material Cost Estimates for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Work

EMT Conduit ­ In Floors, Concealed of Exposed, Including Fittings and Supports

Flex Conduit ­ Standard and Reduced Wall, Steel and Aluminum with All Fittings

PVC Conduit ­ Schedule 40, Schedule 80, with All Couplings, Adapters and End Bells

Rigid Steel & Aluminum Conduit ­ Short and Long Elbows, Couplings, Terminations and Nipples

PVC Coated Conduit ­ PVC Coated Elbows, Couplings, Fittings, Bodies and Boxes

Conduit Bodies ­ All Common Types, Including Bushings, Covers and Entrance Caps

Conduit Fittings ­ Couplings, Connectors, Washers, Brushed Nipples and Unions

Conduit Hangers ­ Straps, Spacers, Steel Running Thread Rod, Clamps, U-Bolts

Copper Wire ­ Types THW, THHN, XHHW, USE, MTW, TF, TFF, TFFN, AF and SJ

Copper Cable ­ Types NW (Romex), UF, SEU, BX, 5000 Bolt XLP and 15000 Bolt EPR

Aluminum Wire ­ Types THW, THHN-THWN, XHHW, USE, SE-U, SE-SER, ASCR, and XLP

Outlet Boxes ­ Handy Boxes, Switch Boxes, Octagon Boxes, Pull Boxes and Covers

Incandescent & Fluorescent Lighting ­ Ceiling, Wall, Utility, Industrial, Bathroom, Recessed, Track, Strip, Wraparound

Yard & Street Lighting ­ Round, Cylinder, Flat, Convex, with and without Poles

Wiring Devices ­ Residential and Specification Grade Switches, Receptacles, Plates

Service Equipment ­ Switches, Breakers, Meter Sockets, Loadcenters, Cabinets

Raceway Power ­ Duct, Wireway, Trolley Duct, Bus Duct, Cable Tray and Fittings

Signal Systems ­ Bells, Buzzers, Sirens, Horns, Chimes, Beacons, Detectors

Equipment Hookup ­ Motors, Mechanical and Kitchen Equipment, Generators


If you need to estimate the cost of electrical systems in buildings, this book will be your most reliable guide to selecting the right material, figuring the Labor time required for installation, and totaling the installation cost and material price. Ed Tyler was named "National Estimator of the Year" by the American Society of Professional Estimators. His depth and breadth of knowledge make him one of the nation's foremost authorities on electrical estimating.

Free Estimating Disk Enclosed
Monthly price updates on the Web are FREE and automatic all during 2006
Inside the back cover of this book you'll find National Estimator, a CD-ROM with all the cost estimates in the book plus an easy-to-use estimating program for Windows. National Estimator works just like a book. Page through the entire book one screen at a time or use the electronic index to search (in seconds) for what you need. Then select the cost estimates you want and copy them to your estimate with the touch of a key. It's quick and easy (costs are extended and columns totaled automatically). And you can change any price or quantity, including subtotals, and add the markup of your choice.

Job Cost Wizard
Turns estimates into invoices and exports both to QuickBooks. Export entire estimates or invoices to track job costs for each item or category in your estimate. Then compare estimated and actual costs for each part of any job. Handles progressive billing (invoices for each part of the job) with QuickBooks Pro. Requires Win 98 or higher.


Also Available by Ed Tyler...


Item #234 - Estimating Electrical Construction

Provides extensive labor unit tables and blank
forms for your next electrical job.

By: Tyler

Price: $35.00

This is the practical guide to electrical estimating by the man recognized as the "Estimator of the Year." It takes you through every step of making an accurate estimate, from essential preliminaries to submitting the final bid.



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